Shell Oman plans and executes projects and runs facilities to create lasting social benefits by focusing on local talent development, using local suppliers and contractors and setting a good example through business practices and ethics as well as maintaining high standards of health, safety, security and environment driven by respect for people and the core values of honesty and integrity which are embedded in the Shell General Business Principles for over 30 years.

Apart from the targeted strategic social investment initiatives planned at the beginning of every year, Shell Oman keeps a window open for a dialogue with the Omani community in terms of social investment through Donations & Sponsorships budget to address the requests received from various organisations, charities and entities in Oman. This approach allows the Company to build on its strategic long-term relationship with its stakeholders in the public and private sector as well as non-government organisations and youth charity groups.

If you belong to an entity that supports the above mentioned efforts, and you are seeking support to carry on the activities that will help benefit the society, Shell Oman is willing to look into your request submitted through the Donation & Sponsorship Application Form in order to provide the appropriate help and support. Kindly note, applications which do not comply with our terms and conditions shall be disregarded.

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What sustainability means at Shell

For Shell, sustainability means providing essential energy for a growing population, while respecting people, their safety and the environment.


We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of nearby communities.