Delivering Value to Our Customers

We recognise that our customers are vital to our sustainable business success, without them we will not exist. We have the following improvements in this area:

  • A dedicated new Customer Service Centre was opened at the centre of SOM’s main office.
  • is the company’s website, which serves as one of the primary mediums the company uses to reach its customers, shareholders and the public at large.
  • In 2001, SOM introduced Shell Cards Account Management webpage, where through the net, customers can view their card’s statement and apply for new cards.

SOM intends to remain in the forefront of marketing innovation and quality. The following are examples.

  • The first company to introduce 24-hour convenience shopping. Select today, has the largest network in Oman.
  • Introduced the innovative new environmentally friendly Rainbow Car Wash.
  • SOM was the first company in Oman to issue cards/use direct debit.

Protecting our Environment

SOM follows strict international standards to insure that its operations are conducted under strict environmental management. Health, safety and environmental considerations are incorporated into the SOM projects’ process and environmental impact assessments are carried out for major projects. Therefore:

  • Underground tanks in our filling stations were replaced with new double skin tanks with electronic sensors to detect liquid leaks.
  • a performance review was undertaken on the existing vapour recovery unit and upgrades will be initiated to further control and minimise any vapour emissions.
  • Retail environment risk assessment with the use of GIS (Geographical Information System).
  • SOM is active in environmental awareness initiatives, for examples includes the two publications, Birds of Oman and Arabic Alphabets on environment'.
  • SOM sponsors specific drives that are dedicated to the environment; such as the coral reef and beach cleaning campaigns participants took part and collected around 1 ton of waste from underwater at Bandar Jissah and Bandar Khayran (Quriyat).
  • SOM sponsored the Whale & Dolphin Research Group, where their surveys are to obtain baseline data on whales and dolphins and their habits. 

Respecting People

Over 300 employees work in Shell Oman, more than 85% of them are Omani.

  • Shell People Survey is conducted every year, to measure staff views.
  • Transport safety management is embedded in the three key areas of Contractor Management, Driver Management and Journey Management.
  • SOM has a systematic, structured approach in place for reporting and investigating business integrity issues.
  • SOM ensures that new company employees receive the Shell General Business Principles (SGBP) and that training is provided to ensure that these are well understood.
  • SOM annually offers on the job training for the Sultan Qaboos University students.

Working with our Stakeholders 

As part of the engagement process, SOM in coordination with Shell Group conducted a survey of 100 people. The result forms as a guideline of how to improve upon the areas that are of concerns to our stakeholders.

We recognise that we need to address the issues raised by our stakeholders. These include investing in renewable and minimising environmental impact.

Benefiting our Communities 

SOM invests significantly in the community with contributions to local events and charities. For example, Shell Oman's donations to the charitable organizations like the Early Intervention Association, Oman Association for the Disabled and Al Noor Association for the Blind.

Your comments are always welcome

We would be delighted to hear you on our approach to Sustainable Development. Please feel free to write to us on any of the issues raised in this factsheet or on other areas, which may interest or concern you.

In this section

What sustainability means at Shell

For Shell, sustainability means providing essential energy for a growing population, while respecting people, their safety and the environment.


Shell provides energy in a responsible way, helping the world move towards a future in which the energy used causes minimal impact on the planet.


We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of nearby communities.


We are committed to delivering energy responsibly and safely, preventing harm to our employees, contractors, local communities and the environment.