Q1. What is Shell V-Power?

A: We are launching a new type of fuel; known as Shell V-Power our best performance and efficiency fuel*. With DYNAFLEX Technology, Shell V-Power is designed to clean and protect your engine. Shell V-Power targets a key enemy of engine performance and efficiency – dirt deposits and helps to clean them away as you drive. Shell V-Power is formulated with a friction reducing ingredient, designed to help key engine components turn more freely – helping to reduce wasted energy.

*Shell V-Power compared to Shell Mogas fuels. Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition and driving style. No guarantees provided. See www.ShellOman.com.om for more information.

Q2. What is DYNAFLEX Technology? And how does it help performance and efficiency?

A: DYNAFLEX Technology is the name for our latest generation of advanced formulation for fuel, designed to clean and protect your engine. When we speak about “DYNAFLEX Technology” we mean the complex blends in our new formulations that Shell has specially designed and enriched with powerful cleaning agents to help maintain the cleanliness of key fuel system components and protect them from performance robbing deposits to help maintain engine efficiency.

DYNAFLEX Technology enables Shell V-Power fuel formulation to have powerful cleaning and in the case of gasoline and friction-reduction technology that helps engines turn more freely, decreasing energy waste from heat** Efficiency and performance go hand in hand, and with our most efficient fuel, Shell is seeking to help advanced and older engines.

** Friction reducing molecules help critical parts of your engine. No guarantees provided

Q3. What is the Research Octane Number (RON) of Shell V-Power?

A: The Research Octane Number (RON) of Shell V-Power is 95

Q4. Is Shell V-Power designed for high performance or new vehicles only?

A: Shell V-Power is designed for use in whatever type gasoline/petrol engine vehicle – whether it is old or new. Customers should check refer to their vehicle manual or consult with their OEM/car dealer to check the fuel specifications suitable for their engines. 

Q5. If Shell V-Power helps to improve engine performance, does this mean it also help achieve greater speeds?

A: Speed is dictated by the driver, not the fuel. Road Safety remains a priority for Shell Oman, and we would encourage everyone should follow the rules of the road to drive safely and responsibly.

Q6. How much will Shell V-Power cost at the pump?

A: While the fuel prices are set by the relevant authorities on monthly basis, we will strive to provide a consistent supply of competitively priced product when it comes to Shell V-Power. The price will be announced on monthly basis on our website. The price of Shell V-Power at the pump is a function of the cost of fuel from our supplier, crude oil price, taxes and fees, logistics, local conditions, regulations and operating costs. These factors can vary over time, and therefore so too will the pump price for this product. 

Q7. What are Shell V-Power product specifications?

A: Please click here for Shell V-Power product specifications.

Q8. Where can I find Shell V-Power?

A: Shell V-Power is available in a wide number of Shell Service Station across the Sultanate. To locate these sites, please visit our Shell Station Locator or download Shell App.