Introducing deli cafe

The ambition for deli café is that it becomes the benchmark for all coffee and food-on-the-go brands. It is the result of rigorous insight gathering, strategic planning and guided creativity. Our aim is to create a brand that engages customers emotionally; answers their desire for quality, premium food and coffee in the forecourt environment; and is commercially successful.   

At Shell we understand the needs of the busy motorist and want them to get the most out of their journey.  Through deli café we want to continue to turn every Shell service station into a quality destination for our customer’s needs,  rather than a compromised purchase made whilst refueling.

Our brand values at deli café are: fresh, quality, tasty and we have created high-quality food and drinks offerings that will always refresh and refuel you. You are welcome to come in and stay longer to enjoy not only the great food and coffee, but also free wi-fi and mobile recharge facilities as well as special offers that give you even more value for money.

Coffee and tea  and a range of snack foods, rolls, pastry, sandwiches,

Hot Beverages : 

  • Espresso 
  • Americano 
  • Café Latte 
  • Cappuccino 
  • Café Mocha 
  • Flavoured Lattes  (Vanilla, Caramel,Hazelnut, Irish Cream)

Cold Coffees & Cold Beverages

  • Vanilla Frost 
  • Mocha Frost 
  • Caramel Frost 
  • Irish Frost 
  • Chocolate Frost 
  • Cookie crumble shake
  • Italian soda  
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Chai (Tea with Milk)
  • Tea by Bag  (Earlgrey,Green tea, English breakfast)
  • Hot Chocolate

Current deli café locations in Oman : 

  • Shell Mina Al Fahal Service station
  • Shell Oman Marketing Company Head office at Mina Al Fahal
  • Shell Mawaleh South Service Station
  • More to come …….