Packshot of Shell Helix Ultra Professional AM-L 5W-30

Shell Helix Lubricants

Fully synthetic motor oil – Tailored to meet engine manufacturers’ special requirements.

Today’s vehicles need a motor oil that keeps pace with their changing demands and does more to improve performance and engine life. This is why Shell came up with an entirely new way to produce synthetic base oils, made from natural gas with our patented Shell PurePlus Technology.

Shell Helix Ultra is a range of top-tier motor oil that is formulated using the unique Shell PurePlus Technology, yielding a motor oil that actively helps keep engines clean. Active Cleansing Technology has always been at the heart of Shell Helix. Starting with the unique Shell PurePlus Technology allows the product to provide even higher levels of cleansing and protection.

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AM-L 5W-30:

  • Is designed to meet the demanding requirements of particular high-performance engines, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and those requiring API SN/CF or ACEA C3
  • Shell has a close working relationship with Mercedes-Benz and undertakes lubricant research and development projects with it
  • Passes an extensive range of performance tests to meet engine oil specification MB 229.511

Specifications: API SN/CF; ACEA C3; BMW LL-04; MB approval 229.51


1 May be used in Mercedes-Benz diesel engines with or without a diesel particulate filter