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In addition to this, the Company has also announced that it will invest in three more service stations on Batinah Expressway as well as one service station on Adam-Thumrait Highway via strategic joint ventures and dealership models with Omani partners.

The five new state-of-the-art service stations, each with a 30,000 sqm area, will leverage Shell Oman’s unique access to cutting-edge technical expertise and knowhow from Shell Global, while bringing together a team of Omani engineers from Shell Oman to develop the design in collaboration with an Omani SME.

The new integrated service stations strengthen Shell Oman’s position as a preferred brand in the industry in Oman, that caters to the evolving needs of customers by providing non-fuel offers and services as well as Shell fuel range of M91, M95 and Shell V-Power, Shell Oman’s best performance and efficiency fuel*, along with Diesel and Shell lubricants. Provisions for electric vehicle charge points and other cleaner fuel solutions will also be present at the new stations.

Poised to be ‘retail and convenience destinations’, the integrated service stations will be designed to meet the needs of different customer segments, and will feature a main commercial building that will have a number of international and local branded Food & Beverages stores, children’s playing area, car-care services and convenience retailing along with a proposal for a motel. The integrated Shell service stations will also accept debit and credit cards as payment options, which is being rolled out in all Shell service stations in the Sultanate.

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Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of Shell Oman, said: “We have a long-term strategy that aims to capitalize on the major investments in infrastructure projects and maturing industrial and logistical hubs in the Sultanate. Al Batinah Expressway is considered one of the most important national milestones, and we are committed to continue investing in the Sultanate and support the government’s vision for the future. Both Al Batinah Expressway and Adam-Thumrait Highway contribute to the integration of the various modes of transportation as well as interconnectivity between logistical hubs in Oman such as ports, airports, and industrial and economic areas. We aspire to fulfil the needs of commuters using these roads and offering them enhanced customer experience that is safe, innovative and convenient.”

Shell Oman is already the leading brand in the industry with over 190 strategically located service station across the Sultanate.

Shell Oman has been consistently delivering innovation and pioneering technologies with world-class quality products and services while contributing to the Sultanate’s growth and sustainable development. Shell Oman is known for its sustainable business practices and highest international standards, especially when it comes to HSSE, operational excellence and ethics.” Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Al Balushi added.

In line with its commitment to sustainability and in keeping with its In-Country Value (ICV) agenda, the company will be investing in environmentally sustainable solutions such as solar energy to power the sites along with latest water recycling and waste management facilities. In addition to this, Shell Oman will invest an estimated amount of OMR 11 million to build the sites, aiming to create more direct and indirect jobs and promote a wide range of economic development and local outsourcing.

Shell Oman will also continue to leverage its investments and value chain within the new integrated service stations to empower Omani enterprises by building their capacities and helping them leverage the arising business opportunities in order to positively contribute to the national economy. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the delivery of fuel through Omani contractors, operation of the fuel business, as well as oil change centres, car wash services, Shell Select and other stores and facilities.

With regard to commercial customers, Shell Oman has planned the sites in such a manner that they offer large trucks specially designated diesel fuelling islands which will optimize customers’ experience and speed up their processing time. The sites will feature fleet solutions that leverage the Company’s upgraded IT infrastructure and fleet management system such as Vehicle Recognition System (VRS) that uses RFID technology to offer more security and convenience to fleet owners.

Khalid Al Awaisi, Retail Country Manager in Shell Oman, commented: “Our strategy is to make Shell service stations go beyond just providing fuel, it is rather about making people’s life’s journeys better. We are continuously working to enhance our portfolio of product and service offerings that are unique to Shell Oman. In addition to these five sites, we are also exploring potential opportunities to invest in other sites on key road networks. This comes in line with our commitment to our long-term growth strategy of investing in the retail network through opening new Shell service stations or upgrading the already existing ones; with our customers’ satisfaction and convenience being the key driver.”

Shell Oman Marketing Company is a publicly listed company on Muscat Securities Market. This year marks Shell’s 61st anniversary in downstream business operations in Oman.  Shell Oman operates in a multi downstream-business structure providing Retail, Commercial, Lubricants, Marine, Bitumen and Aviation fuel products and services in Oman. The company owns and operates the only ISO-certified lubricants blending plant of its kind in Mina Al Fahal which produces Made-in-Oman Shell-branded lubricants for local and regional markets. Shell Oman excels in its commitment to local talent development, with 92% Omanisation rate across the workforce, including the senior management level. The Company works to meet the Sultanate’s growing energy demands, and contributing to its prosperity in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner, by operating safely and creating sustainable value for the Omani community.

*Shell V-Power compared to Shell Mogas fuels. Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition and driving style. No guarantees provided. See for more information.