What is the “Shell Fuel Card”?

Shell Fuel Card is a Prepaid Card Programme issued by Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG to offer its customers with payment options to help them enjoy cashless convenience at participating Shell Service Stations.

Customers can utilize these Cards to purchase Shell fuel at this stage. The Fuel Card is a one-time use product and is non-rechargeable. When the balance of the Card is over, the holder can destroy it. Shell Fuel Card is registered in our system with your mobile number to ensure that the customer service is provided later.

If you have purchased one of these Cards and would like to register your details to enjoy the full benefits of the Shell Fuel Card, you can do so at www.shellomancardsonline.com and register the Fuel Card number (embossed on the front of the Card) and your mobile number.

Where are Shell Fuel Cards available?

They are available at participating Shell Service Stations. 

How is a Card activated?

Cards should be activated before use. For activation, the Card must be brought to the Shell Service Station from which the Card was purchased from, and shall be given to the station employee who will activate the Card and deliver a receipt. Kindly note that registering your mobile number on the Shell website allows you to view your transactions online.

How can I secure my Shell Fuel Card?

We strongly recommend that you do not give your Shell Fuel Card to anyone else for use, as it is similar to cash. In case, you would like to give it to someone else, we recommend that you check the delivery receipt made by your Card to confirm the process.

Remember that it is necessary to write your Shell Fuel Card number immediately in a safe place after you receive it. Kindly note that the services cannot be provided without this number. This is mandatory for registered Card holders.

How long is the Card valid for?

The Shell Fuel Card is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of first activation.

Do I get Credit facility on Shell Fuel Card?

No, the Shell Fuel Card is not a credit Card; your Card balance will be debited immediately at the moment of transaction.

What should I do if my Card is damaged or not working for some reason?

If your Card does not work at the participating Shell Service Station, the station employee may be able to assist you to solve the problem; however there may be instances where you may be required to contact our Customer Operations Team at +968 24570333 to help resolve the issue. In some cases, especially if the Card is damaged or torn, the Card may need replacement. In such a case, the funds available on your damaged Card will be transferred to the new replacement Card.

How do I use my Shell Fuel Card for purchases at the Shell Service Station?

Please provide the Shell Fuel Card to the station employee before refueling and tell him the desired amount or quantity of fuel required.

How can I know the balance available on the Card?

  1. Transaction receipt: Each time a Card is used at the station you will receive a receipt which shows detailed transaction and the balance remaining in the Card.
  2. Online: If you have registered with your mobile number at the time of activation, then the balance can be checked online by entering the serial number of the Card on the website: www.shellomancardsonline.com
  3. At Shell Service Station: The station employee can also tell you the balance by swiping the Card in the Card machine available at the station.
  4. Shell Customer Operations Team: call +968 24570333 and provide the Card serial number or the registered mobile number to the customer service professional.

What should I do if I lose my Shell Fuel Card?

Based on the Terms & Conditions for Shell Fuel Card, which are mentioned in this website, Shell Fuel Card cannot be canceled or refunded, and are to be treated as cash; Shell shall not be liable for any financial losses arising out of any misuse of any Shell Fuel Card.

What information can I get from the web on my Card account?

If your Card is registered on the Shell Oman Cards online website, you will be able to view the history of your transactions.

What should I do if I want to change my registered contact Mobile number?

You should login (with your User ID and Password) on www.shellomanCardsonline.com and change your details directly there. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Operations Team at +968 24570333 and request for your details to be changed.

The Card balance is RO 4 but the fuel tank could take only RO 3 worth fuel. What happens to the balance?

The Card will be deducted only for the value of the fuel pumped. The balance will remain in the Card.

Can any other products be bought with the Shell Fuel Card?

No. At present, only Shell fuel can be purchased with Shell Fuel Card.

Date of last revision: 4 September 2018. Please check regularly for updates