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Shell Turbo product range pails

Shell understands the costs that downtime can incur in a capital-intensive plant.  That's why our lubricants are designed for exceptional oil life under continuous operating conditions. The Shell Turbo range of turbine oils has been designed to provide outstanding oxidative stability and to resist the effects of water contamination. Shell’s manufacturing processes are tightly controlled to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality lubricants.

The Shell Turbo range

Shell Turbo brochure (PDF, 310 KB) - opens in new window

Choose a turbine oil that has been specially designed to minimise downtime under continuous operating conditions, from the Shell Turbo range

Shell Turbo GT (PDF, 1110 KB) - opens in new window

Our premium industrial, heavy-duty gas turbine oil offers the highest performance in the Shell range.

Shell Turbo CC (PDF, 973 KB) - opens in new window

Our advanced industrial steam, gas and combined-cycle turbine oil consistently exceeds industry requirements.

Shell Turbo T (PDF, 830 KB) - opens in new window

Industrial steam and light-duty gas turbine oil - designed to provide reliable levels of performance and protection.