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Yellow mining truck driving

Find out how we’ve helped customers in the mining industry add value to their business by decreasing electricity consumption, reducing downtime, preventing plant stoppages and reducing operating costs.

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Norilsk Nickel, Australia (PDF, 198 KB) - opens in new window

Converting the two grinding mills at Norilsk Nickel’s Black Swan mine to Shell Omala HD 220 led to a 2.1% decrease in electricity consumption in a seven-month field trial. That’s a potential annual saving of US$74,473.

Lagunas Norte, Peru (PDF, 204 KB) - opens in new window

By using the Shell Tactic EMV automated greasing system pre-filled with Shell Gadus S3 T220 2 grease, Lagunas Norte reduced operational costs and plant stoppages, reporting potential annual savings of US$167,000.

Leading mining company, India (PDF, 175 KB) - opens in new window

By changing to Shell Rimula R4, a leading Indian mining company extended its oil-drain interval by 70% from 350 to 600 hours and increased production time. They have reported a total estimated saving of US$427,428 per year.