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Metal kiln pouring white hot steel

These examples show how we’ve helped to cut costs for companies in the metal industry by preventing equipment failure, extending oil-drain intervals and reducing lubricant consumption.

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Baosteel Group Corporation, China (PDF, 207 KB) - opens in new window

Baosteel’s lubricant filters were frequently blocked and the company was also experiencing two bearing failures a year. After replacing their lubricant with Shell Morlina S2 BA 100, Baosteel saved a reported US$53,185 in 2009.

Egyptian Iron & Steel Company, Egypt (PDF, 189 KB) - opens in new window

The Egyptian Iron & Steel Company extended their re-grease intervals by 333% after switching to Shell Albida HD 2. The annual cost saving attributed to the elimination of downtime was calculated at US$2,688,000.

Southern Steel Corp, Vietnam (PDF, 179 KB) - opens in new window

Changing to Shell Gadus S5 T460 1.5 helped this Vietnamese steel company to improve the operation of its furnaces, reducing breakdowns and improving uptime. The result? The company reported an annual saving of US$5,145.