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Combine harvester machine in cornfield

To be profitable in the agricultural industry, you rely on modern, sophisticated machinery;  equipment which requires high quality lubricants providing outstanding performance.

At Shell we appreciate your need for operational reliability, particularly during peak sowing and harvesting periods. From heavy-duty engine oils to specialist final-drive lubricants, we supply a wide range of innovative products and supporting services backed up by international expertise.

Our lubricants can help you to prolong machinery life, reduce maintenance costs and emissions, and increase equipment availability. They also protect your warranty agreements by meeting equipment-manufacturer and industry specifications.

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Find out which Shell Lubricant is best for you agricultural needs

Agriculture product range

Heavy-duty diesel engine oils

High quality oil can help protect your equipment and maximise value. We have a whole range of protective products.

Axle and transmission oils

Discover how Shell oils protect axles and gears from wear to help reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximise your return on investment.


The longer your grease lasts, the longer your components last. Find out how Shell products are designed to outperform conventional greases.

Benefits of working with Shell

Services for the agriculture industry

We have a whole suite of lubricant-related services to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to choose and use the right lubricants for maximum efficiency.

Lubricant data centre

A new initiative from Shell designed to help you find and download key information on our products quickly, easily and efficiently.