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Press Release

Dhofar Region tops in Shell Retail World

The recent Shell global Mystery Motorist Survey by an independent research firm showed that Dhofar region in Oman topped the Shell Retail world across over 100 countries where the programme is run.

The Global Mystery Motorist program  is an ongoing audit that checks each Shell site  every quarter for certain established retail criteria including levels of customer service , housekeeping, and  safety  criteria . Only three regions in the Shell world have been able to achieve the highest score before this.

The Global Mystery Motorist Program was introduced to  Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG over two years ago and the scores have climbed steadily since then with a careful planned initiative by the Shell Retail territory managers. Speaking about the results,  Mohammed Al Muqaibal the Shell Retail Territory Manager of Dhofar said, “The results have indeed made me happy and motivates me to work harder to retain it consistently in future. We do this for our customers, to ensure that they are happy and will want to keep coming back again and again”. 

The high scores also reflect the hard work and efforts of all Shell Oman Service station managers and staff and other Shell Oman retail employees who  work as one team.  The Winners are eligible for cash awards and also attend an annual Gala awards ceremony at an exotic location.