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Live and let live – Traffic safety campaign from Shell Oman

Live and let live – Traffic safety campaign from Shell Oman

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, Shell Oman has joined with the Royal Oman Police and  New India Assurance Company to promote traffic safety awareness from Shell Service Station sites during the GCC Traffic Safety Week from March 14- 21.   The theme of this year’s Traffic Safety week is “ Don’t call till you arrive”.  

Oman has  a high  traffic accident rate and the joint “Live and Let Live” campaign aims at drawing the attention of the general public to serious accidents that can be prevented by not using mobile phones while driving. In addition  at the service  station, turning off engines while refueling, and not filling petrol in unapproved containers is important to prevent accidents.  Most people are not aware that the use of mobile phones even with hands-free distracts the user from driving. Mobile phone usage while refueling, and filling fuel  in unapproved containers have caused flash fire incidents in service  stations across the world and Oman is no exception.