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Shell Oman Co-Sponsored Biosphere Expedition Reaches a Successful Conclusion

Earlier this year Shell Oman Marketing Company announced its continuing support for Biosphere Expeditions’ ongoing Arabian Leopard Research Project in Oman, which is monitored and facilitated by the Office for Conservation of Environment of the Diwan of Royal Court.

This year Biosphere Expeditions continued its initiative in Dhofar in the vicinity of Wadi Uyun and Wadi Mudday. This year's team comprised of team members from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia and the USA led by expedition scientist Tessa McGregor, expedition leader Ronald Seipold and field guide Kahlid al Hikmani from the Office of the Conservation of Environment of the Diwan of Royal Court, A number of Shell Oman's staff also participated in the expedition and assisted in the work with the local communities.

"We are very happy with the final outcome and are confident that we continue to make a positive contribution towards Arabian leopard conservation in Oman. Everyone on the expedition worked, lived and moved in prime leopard habitat." said Dr. Matthias Hammer, the founder of Biosphere Expeditions.

"The expedition helps Oman achieve its plans to develop eco-tourism in the Sultanate.  It brings local benefits and raises awareness of conservation at a national level." said Dr. Andrew Spalton, the Adviser for Conservation of the Environment in the Diwan of Royal Court. "The expedition achieved its objectives for this year, but only after many years of expeditions will we be able to see the true value of such programmes."

“And this is one of the many areas, where we really appreciate Shell Oman’s support”, adds Dr. Matthias Hammer. “Conservation projects take time and can only succeed in the long run. Without the long-term commitment of our corporate partners such as Shell Oman, none of this would be possible or indeed sustainable. Shell Oman supply us with fuel, support the purchase of essential research equipment such as camera traps, and most importantly, show their commitment by sending Shell staff with us on the expedition, where they are an extremely useful link for creating partnerships with local communities and stakeholders. After having experienced conservation in action with us, they also take their experiences back home and to work, acting as important ambassadors for wildlife in their own communities. This effect, alongside our press work with Shell, is not to be underestimated in creating awareness and a sustainable future for the leopard in oman.”

On Shell Oman's Participation in this year's expedition, Mr. Faisal Al Hashar, Managing Director of Shell Oman said "We believe corporate entities have a duty to foster and sponsor initiatives that contribute to the national and global efforts to preserve the environment. We in Shell Oman place a high emphasis on preserving our beautiful environment, hence comes our support to protect this endangered and magnificent Arabian leopard.  It is both an honour and a pleasure to be associated with such an important initiative, results of which have a wide interest, not only in the Sultanate, but also globally."