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Press Release

Shell Oman’s ‘Win Free Fuel’ offer raises fuel-efficiency awareness

The second round of Shell Oman’s ‘Win Free Fuel’ draw concluded with the names of the thirty lucky winners announced on September 14th at Shell Oman’s head office in Mina Al Fahal, each of whom gets 1980 litres of free fuel over the next 12 months.

The names of the winners were published in advertisements in all major dailies and weeklies. This was the second round of the three-monthly promotion which has completed 60 days now.

The promotion aims to raise awareness amongst people that Shell Petrol is developed with a special additive - Super viscous friction reducer - which is designed to give motorists extra kilometres at no extra cost. Talking to a cross section of people gathered for the draw, it became clear that the perception has seeped into people, many of whom claimed that they had noticed considerable mileage improvement in their vehicles ever since they started using Shell Petrol.

Announcing the names of the 30 winners, Mr Kit Bermudez, Retail Sales and Operations Manager at Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG said “I am happy that people have started realising that Shell Petrol is specially designed to help improve fuel economy by promoting engine cleanliness, reducing friction and better efficiency.” He added, “Shell’s Research and Development laboratories have been testing and improving fuel quality for many decades and the present Shell Petrol is the culmination of their rich experience and today’s high technology. More over,” he further said, “The efficacy of Shell Petrol has been proven in a large fleet trial, which was conducted in strict accordance with ISO 9001-2000 quality standards that were audited by the British Standards Institute. The details of the trial have been published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).”

The promotion which began on 15th July will continue till 12th October 2008. No purchase is necessary to enter the lucky draw and anyone can pickup a participation coupon from a Shell Service Station or cut them out from the promotional advertisements in local publications, fill the same and drop it at the drop boxes located at Shell Service Stations. The promotion closes on 12th October so this is the last chance for people wishing to win free fuel to participate in the third and final round.