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Press Release

Shell shines at the Oman Business Woman Awards

Fawzia Abdul Aziz won the 2008 Executive of the Year award at the Oman Business Woman Awards

It was a proud moment for Shell Oman as its employee Fawzia Abdul Aziz won the 2008 Executive of the Year award at the Oman Business Woman Awards 2008 held recently. Oman Business Woman Awards are one-of-its-kind awards in Oman saluting the contribution of women towards the success of corporate Oman.

Fawzia joined Shell Oman in 2005 in the Quality Control Department. Her previous experience included extensive work in one of the Ministries.  She is highly qualified with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Fawzia worked successfully in Quality Control for two years and was then promoted to lead the blending function in 2007. What sets Fawzia apart, is her amazing work ethics and an undying passion to implement ideas. Her zeal at work and enthusiasm caught everyone's eye from the very beginning of her assignment with Shell Oman. But she took her work a notch up to the next level after heading the blending section of production last year. She transformed the blending section and took it to greater heights by the day into unheard levels of productivity. All this was possible because of her inborn leadership qualities and her focus on the big picture (Enterprise First). Her passion to lead saw her sacrifice her personal time to steer her team and colleagues to very challenging targets. Considering the fact that she had no background in manufacturing and this field is considered a man's domain, as an Omani woman, she has delivered results, which were once thought impossible. She truly deserves this prestigious award.

Fawzia after the award show said,” It’s a fantastic achievement for me personally and the entire Shell Oman team as this award wouldn’t have been possible without the team support. This award means a lot to me in terms of my hard work and dedication, focus and vision which I had laid out for my function, and all the encouragement shown by my friends and family.”   

The Oman Business Women Awards aim to reward women’s success in business, thereby creating female role models whose achievements will inspire other women to raise their sights and achieve their goals. These awards celebrate women’s contribution to the economy and their empowerment in society.