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Shell and GUtech sign an agreement for Shell Eco-marathon 2016

GUTech to Compete in Shell’s 2016 Eco-marathon challenge following a pact signing ceremony in Shell’s main office

MUSCAT, Oman --- As part of Shell’s commitment towards developing Omani talents and harvesting innovation amongst youth, Shell recently signed a letter of agreement with the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) that will assist the university in its efforts to compete in Shell’s upcoming Eco-Marathon challenge, scheduled to take place in Manila, the Philippines, in early 2016. Chris Breeze, Shell’s Country Chairman in Oman, and Adil bin Ismail Al Raisi, Managing Director of Shell Oman Marketing signed the agreement with Professor. Dr. Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUTech. The signing event took place at Shell Development Oman’s office in Muscat.

Shell and GUtech sign an agreement for Shell Eco-marathon 2016

Early this year, GUtech’s team “Megalodon” won the fifth place in the diesel fuel category at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition held in Manila, The Philippines. The team representing GUtech plans to participate in  the 2016 challenge with a prototype vehicle under the diesel fuel category.

Commenting on this occasion, Professor. Dr. Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech, said: “We are proud of our Engineering student team that was very successful during this year’s EcoMarathon in Manila and we would like to thank Shell for all their support and their trust in our students. For the upcoming event we will do our utmost to support and motivate our students in the same way. To participate in the EcoMarathon is a big challenge - the students have to work very hard to build their eco-vehicles and long hours beside their studies. At GUtech we promote the application of theoretical knowledge in order to realize better engineering solutions. Beside the technical issues of the car the students have to handle the project-management and to develop a team spirit," said Professor Dr. Ing. Michael Modigell, Rector of GUtech.”

Also commenting on the agreement with GUtech, Chris Breeze, Shell’s Country Chairman in Oman, stated: "The last team from GUtech demonstrated great skills and commitment not only to  develop their fuel-efficient car, but to also contribute toward a sustainable energy future for Oman. It was truly inspiring to see how passionate and dedicated the students were in the Eco-marathon challenge earlier this year and I wish the new team the best of luck in pursuing their goal. These students are the backbone of the future and their achievements are a testament to their abilities, teamwork and drive to succeed. Shell Eco-marathon is an inspirational training opportunity for young problem solvers to demonstrate commercial as well as technical innovation in tackling the energy industry's biggest challenge - feeding ever-growing energy demand in an environmentally responsible way.”

Also commenting on the occasion, Adil bin Ismail Al Raisi, Managing Director of Shell Oman Marketing stated, “In line with our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we invite young engineers in Oman to become part of the dialogue about the future of fuel efficiency in the Sultanate and around the globe. The Shell Eco-marathon competition is an excellent opportunity for our young engineers to help them turn their ideas into reality. We hope that these efforts will lead to innovations that can further help us in meeting the country’s energy demands in a more efficient and responsible manner while reducing our impact on the environment.”

During the event, Professor. Dr. Najah Al Mhanna, Head of the Department of Engineering, stated: “The success of our Engineering students during the last Shell Eco-marathon has motivated other students to participate again and to aim at winning a first place in the 2016 competition. The students have already submitted detailed proposals about their car, which were studied and the best team members were selected.”

About Shell Eco-marathon

The Shell Eco-marathon is a global competition for high school and college student teams to design and build ultra-fuel efficient cars, held each year in Europe, the United States and Asia.

The eco-marathon began as a friendly wager between Shell scientists in Illinois to see who could drive their car the farthest on one gallon of fuel in 1939. It has turned into a global event to encourage engineering students to explore new techniques for fuel efficiency.

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