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Shell Diesel Extra is good news for fleet operators

Shell Diesel Extra is now available in Oman. Designed to help fleet operators get the most of their transport vehicles, Shell Diesel Extra has been specially formulated to help save fuel by up to 3%*, reduce fall-off in engine performance and lower CO2 emissions and black smoke**.
Group photo

Shell Diesel Extra Launch. Amlak al Sharqyya, our first Commercial Fuels Reseller (2nd row, 3rd right) with Commercial Fuels team and Oman leadership team

Adil, Al-Raisi, Managing Director of Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG, comments, “Shell is delighted to be able to offer Shell Diesel Extra to the dynamic Oman market – a sign of our ongoing commitment to helping our customers access quality fuels from a global leader in fuels innovation”.

With many customers worldwide already experiencing the benefits of Shell Diesel Extra, Said Alrawahi, Commercial Fuels Manager, states “Shell Diesel Extra’s unique formulation is designed to help maintain the engine over the longer term, prevent rust formation in the fuel pump, lines and injectors, and reduce foaming while refuelling”.

As heavy duty diesel engines get older, carbon deposits can build up in the engine. Shell Diesel Extra has been specifically designed to help engines burn more efficiently helping to deliver more fuel economy over the lifetime of the vehicle.

For more information on Shell Diesel Extra, the benefits it can offer your vehicles and operations, please contact: MUS-SMO-sdx@shell.com

*Over the lifetime of the vehicle. Compared to regular diesel without fuel economy formula. Savings may vary per truck/vehicle. ** In heavy duty engines up to and including Euro III