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Be inspired by our Shell women and their remarkable achievements.

There are women working at all levels at Shell, and in all areas of our business. We are proud to celebrate our differences, and to foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. There is a genuine inclusion focus - we find strength in the diversity of people and the decisions we make.

That's one reason why we strive always to create an environment that accommodates the needs of our female employees. Shell is committed to a workplace of gender equality that allows you to fulfil your potential, in work and life.

Stories from our Shell women

Kylie van der Sar: Securing your own success

Kylie van der Sar has been with Shell for over 18 years. Her role as Shell Australia’s Business Development Manager sees her leading upstream acquisition and divestment deals as well as mentoring young women in the Shell Women’s Network. She shares her tips on creating your personal brand.

Lucia Lombardo: Curiosity - the key to success

Lucia Lombardo, Senior Legal Counsel (Browse) for Shell Development Australia, shares her story of how hard work and dedication helped her in her career.

Sheila Graham: Exploring a world of opportunities

Sheila Graham, General Manager for Commercial in Australia, enjoys the vast opportunities Shell offers its employees.

Sue Beattie: Real people solving real problems

Sue Beattie, Maintenance and Integrity Manager in Perth, Australia, explains why she was drawn to Shell when she first joined 18 years ago.

Srividhya Vaidyanathan: Looking for the next big thing

Srividhya Vaidyanathan, Global Category Manager – Storage and Handling, doesn’t believe in getting cosy at work. Her career is constantly progressing thanks to the fact that she’s always searching for ground-breaking ideas that can really challenge and change the business.

Hyacinth Mary Bastian: Putting passion to work

Mary Bastian is the Team Lead for Lead Generation and Interfacial Science in the Emerging Technologies division of Innovation Research and Development group based in Bangalore, India. She shares her journey to success.

Joyce Loh: Seeking work-life balance

Joyce Loh is an HR manager with Shell in Singapore and works part time. She explains how the arrangement benefits her family and the business.

Christine Low: Charting the road map

Shell production unit manager Christine Low runs a tight ship with an eye on the future.

Ng Hap Bee: Go with the flow

Ng Hap Bee, who works in Shell’s Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site, enjoys the family atmosphere in the company.

Jennifer Gani: A gem among the guys

Process technician Jennifer Gani shares her experience of learning to be and working as a process technician.

Dr. Leong Yuan Wah: She is sure with Shell

Dr. Leong Yuan Wah, a PhD holder in Chemistry, ensures that various parts of the Shell refinery work at optimal levels.

Clairin Loh: A great place to grow

Shell has provided Ms Clairin Loh with many development opportunities in a range of jobs.

Teo Mui Poh: Building a technical career

Teo Mui Poh is Senior Manager – Operations at the Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis plant in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. She explains why she’s been so happy to work for Shell through her 20-year career.

Poonam Narang: Getting the balance right

Following a three-year career break for family reasons, Poonam Narang chose to join Shell as she felt it would enable her to strike a great balance between work and home.

Ryann De Dios-Victa: Unity in diversity

Ryann De Dios-Victa, HR Manager Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) and Qatar HR Operations, is proud of Shell’s commitment to having a responsible, diverse workforce.

Donna Kuizon-Cruz: Passionate about people

Donna Kuizon-Cruz is a Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and Sustainable Development (SD) Manager for Upstream International (UI) in the Philippines. She explains why she is proud of Shell’s commitment to developing their employees.

Azza Fawzi: Turning vision into reality

Azza Fawzi, Finance Director, Upstream International, Integrated Gas Qatar, believes life at Shell is all about diversity and opportunity. She explains why.

Marwa Al-Ansary: Dreaming big

Marwa Al-Ansary has always known that she wanted to be an engineer. After seven years at Shell, she’s still living her dream every day and inspiring others to do the same. She shares her story.

Sarah Behbehani: Passion and healthy perfectionism

Sarah Behbehani has gone from being a mother at the age of 18 to the Regional Team Lead for LNG Trading covering India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America. She shares her inspiring story of how passion and hard work guaranteed success.

Siti Sulaiman: Valued for her vision

Siti Sulaiman, General Manager for the Sabah Asset in Malaysia, believes good ideas come from having confidence in what you do and the dedication to do it well.

Rafidah Jumal: Focusing on people and their passion

Rafidah Jumal, Cluster Finance Manager, South East Asia – Global Commercial, explains why Shell wants employees to find a balance between work and family.

Jessica Zhu: Curiosity is key

Jessica Zhu, Cluster Marketing Manager for China Lubricants Business to Business (B2B), has more than 11 years’ experience in the lubricants business. She shares her own story and gives advice for women wanting to join Shell.

Lydia Qin: Caring, curiosity and vision

Lydia Qin, Regional Sourcing Director for China Sourcing Office (CSO), is a dreamer with a passion for Shell and its people. She shares her success story.

Min Peng: Looking to change the game

Min Peng enjoys a challenge and it is precisely this trait that inspires her to move out of her comfort zone. She reckons the more you do, the more opportunities you have to come up with creative, cutting-edge ideas.

Mary Jarrett: Becoming successfully shy

IT Manager Mary Jarrett became ‘successfully shy’ with the support of her Shell colleagues. Discover how overcoming her struggle with shyness has set her on track to fulfilling her career potential.