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Shell Ideas360: What if tomatoes produced energy?

Omani man

A tremendous range of opportunities and challenges awaits you at Shell Oman Marketing Company, one of the Sultanate's leading corporations.

Shell Oman Marketing Company recruits university graduates from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. The common thread linking all these recruits is their potential to make an impact in their organisation of choice and their desire to succeed.

We believe that it is not what you learn at school but what you are able to apply that makes a difference to the job. To this end, our people are characterised by their ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, their flexibility of mind, and their creative approach to problem solving.

In return, Shell Oman Marketing Company is committed to the development of every individual within the organisation. The premise is spotting talent early and helping graduates grow in their jobs so that they can meet bigger and broader challenges ahead. This is done through creating an environment in which the potential of individuals can be developed, and their talents and contributions unleashed.

Our goal is for you to become actively involved in the planning and direction of this organisation - not just in Oman, but possibly overseas as well.

Shell Oman Marketing Company is a meritocracy - how you progress depends on your performance compared to your peers. The best can aspire to the most senior positions worldwide.